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Aboard Wonder of the Seas: the biggest cruise ship in the world

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to travel aboard the largest cruise ship in the world, the Wonder of the Seas, thanks to Royal Caribbean. Although I uploaded a full tour, I want to tell you more about the ship and the experience.

The ship in numbers

The Wonder is impressive from the first moment you see it. The first thing that catches your eye is its dimensions. We are talking about more than 360m long, 64m wide and 18 decks. In addition, she has a maximum capacity of almost 7,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members.

At first glance, it may seem that the only thing that attracts attention about the ship is the size, and it is true that it is what fills almost all the headlines, but, for me, the real magic is inside.

Eight neighborhoods on the sea

If you have traveled on any other Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship, you will have become familiar with their way of dividing the vessel. Unlike others, it does not have a central atrium and halls distributed along the bridges, but rather there are several main areas that bring together all the restaurants, bars, and leisure and entertainment options. These are what Royal calls neighborhoods.

Perhaps the Royal Promenade is the area that we could consider most central. It is a covered promenade of multiple decks with shops and bars such as the impressive Tide Bar (a platform that goes up and down with the bar inside), the Bionic Bar (where a robotic arm prepares your drink) or a Starbucks. It also has Sorrento's pizzeria, included in the price, and Café Promenade, a 24-hour cafeteria with sweets, coffee and chocolates. This is also where the Spotlight Karaoke is, to spend an entertaining night singing alone or with your friends.

Royal Promenade

Another of the neighborhoods that I would highlight is Central Park. I would say it was my favorite place on board. This promenade is outdoors and is a park with more than 10,000 natural plants surrounded by specialty restaurants, such as Chops Grille, meat specialists, or the exclusive 150 Central Park, one of the best on board. There are also areas to sit and relax, the Park Café, and all the balconies that overlook this area.

Central Park

Finally, I want to talk to you in detail about the Boardwalk. This is another outdoor venue, located at the stern of the ship, and is inspired by a classic fairground on a pier. Upon entering, we find its iconic carousel and more informal dining options such as hot dogs, the candy shop, the sports bar and a classic American burger diner. Here we also find interior balconies and at the back is the jewel of the ship: the impressive AquaTheater. It is an aquatic amphitheater where incredible shows are performed, which I will tell you about later.


The rest of the ship also includes interesting spots such as the Entertainment Place, an area with the theater, an ice rink and the casino; the Vitality Spa & Fitness, a huge sports and wellness complex; the outer decks, with swimming pools, water parks and activities such as the surf simulator or mini-golf; the solarium; the exclusive neighborhood of the suites; and many more restaurants and areas for children and teenagers.

The cabin

It's time to talk about accommodation. In my case, I had a balcony with a sea view, probably the most popular option. I liked the space a lot, being very bright and spacious. The bed is big and comfortable, and the balcony is good to go out whenever you feel like it. This is interesting as Wonder has few exterior spaces at mid-height; most are upstairs. The bathroom is small as in most cruise ships but adequate and practical.

Sea view balcony cabin

During the visit, I had the opportunity to discover one of the most exclusive suites on board: the Royal Loft Suite. It is simply spectacular, with two floors, panoramic views, two bedrooms and two private bathrooms, a balcony with a hydromassage and even a grand piano. You have the tour in the YouTube video.

Other onboard options include inside and exterior staterooms, as well as interior balconies (located in the Central Park or the Boardwalk). There are also many kinds of suites, from some that are similar to balconies but with more space to others that are loft-like or even the Family Suite, with slides inside the room itself.

Gastronomy onboard

We must begin by commenting that the options for food and drink on board are almost endless. In fact, I think it's impossible to see them all in a one week cruise. Let's talk about the main restaurant. It is a huge space of three decks. I would say that I have never been in such a large restaurant, neither on the sea nor on land. They serve food à la carte, and there are fixed shifts or the possibility of eating during flexible hours. The food seemed very correct to me, with classic proposals for salads, pastas, meats, fish and various desserts.

Another option is the buffet. The variety that there is both for breakfast and for lunch caught my attention. There are international food corners, options for all kinds of diets, and it has wonderful views of the Boardwalk and the sea.

In addition to the restaurant and buffet, Royal includes much more food such as cookies and cakes from the main cafeterias, ice cream from the machine, fruit, hot dogs and pizza. This is something fantastic since it gives you more freedom and flexibility to eat at any time of the day and without spending more money.

Something that also stands out is the number of specialty restaurants. Some of the options are Giovanni's, with Italian food; Wonderland, a very creative space inspired by Alice in Wonderland; or Hooked, a restaurant with a lot of seafood and marine products.

One of the newnesses is The Mason Jar. This is a southern American restaurant with typical food from the area such as fried chicken with waffles. I found it very interesting since it is a very different proposal from European food and they are quite simple products but with very striking and well-executed combinations.


We arrived at the strongest point of Royal Caribbean and the one that surprised me the most. We start with the AquaTheater. What happens in this space literally leaves you speechless. Here there is an aquatic show with lights, music and many acrobatics with a huge cast and a very elaborate production. I would say that it is one of the best shows I have ever seen both on board and on land. It is a directly unique site and the best show in the seas without a doubt.

inTENse Show l AquaTheater

The Wonder also has a classical theater where Broadway-level productions take place. On this ship, there is no musical like on others, but there are musical shows that you will enjoy a lot too.

Another very surprising space is Studio B. Here we attend a really beautiful ice skating show. It perfectly combines acting, choreography, projections, and special effects. 10/10.

Ice skating show | Studio B

In addition to the main shows, there are many activities in other places on the ship, such as the Viking parade, animation games or comedy shows. You won't have time to get bored.

Experience and impressions

Overall the experience was wonderful. It is true that it was my first and only contact with a Royal Caribbean cruise and that it was only 2 nights, but I was able to get an idea of how much they offer.

Without a doubt, what I liked the most were the shows and the ship itself, which is surprising no matter where you look at it. Something that is also great is the app from which the entire journey is managed, even before it starts. It is essential if you have a cruise with Royal as you can book activities or see the deck plans at any moment.

The main language onboard is English, so you won't have any trouble communicating with the crew or understanding any of the entertainment.

It is a cruise quite oriented towards families and those who want to spend a few days on board without boredom. The ship feels like a destination itself, and there are endless things to do. There's something for everyone. A true wonder on the seas.

If you want to know more about cruises, don't miss my Instagram and follow my adventures in real time!


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