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Embarking on a new adventure

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

After a year on Instagram, we expand Oggi A Bordo with much more content and many upcoming projects for the following months.

Instagram is a wonderful way to connect with thousands of people who share a passion for cruises and the sea. Posting images, reels, or even live streams onboard, has given us the chance to travel together multiple times.

This blog begins as a chance to go even further on the stories we share. It is a new way of adding detail and depth to those topics we are interested in about cruise ships (news, experiences, curiosities, and more). We are adding a new YouTube channel for the Spanish market: the most direct version of Oggi A Bordo. There, we will discover the most amazing ships and stories, as well as some tips to enjoy our travels even more. Some of the content will go beyond Spanish speakers, like ship tours.

In the following months, other projects will be revealed.

Meanwhile, welcome to the new Oggi A Bordo page!


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