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8 things you can't miss while cruising through Italy

A cruise is a wonderful way to enjoy the sea, as well as each of the ports. One of the most frequent doubts is what to visit in each of them since normally we only have a few hours to explore them. Let's discover some of them located on the western Italian coast and a few of the essential visits that you can choose from:


1. Lean towards the Tower of Pisa

Whether from the Port of La Spezia or Livorno, Pisa is a mandatory stop. Not only is it an opportunity to take the famous photo, but you will also be amazed by the magical feeling of being in a very popular place but practically in the middle of nowhere. The best thing is to make this stop in Pisa on the way to another of my favorite cities, Florence.


2. Shoot a postcard of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Undoubtedly one of the most romantic postcards that you can take as a souvenir. In addition, you should not stop admiring the number of sculptures on the streets, the immense cathedral, or the museums full of masterpieces such as David by Michelangelo or The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. You probably won't be able to visit absolutely everything in one day, so you'll have to choose and wish you could come back soon to continue enjoying the magic of Florence.


3. Travel through time in Pompeii

An unforgettable experience is undoubtedly being able to enter the streets of the ancient city of Pompeii. You will visit the most iconic areas of these extensive and well-preserved ruins. The original streets lead to places of all kinds, from houses with murals to commerces. One of my favorite excursions in all of Italy.


4. Walk down the streets of Sorrento

The streets of this town hide a unique charm. It is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day and wander through its streets full of lemon trees, sun and wonderful views of the turquoise waters and Mount Vesuvius. It is essential to try the authentic limoncello and the pistachio cream.


5. Make a wish in Fontana di Trevi

Throwing a coin and making a wish at this famous fountain is probably the most repeated gesture among tourists when they arrive in Rome. Around this impressive construction, the streets of Rome keep hundreds of stories, works of art, and essential visits such as the Pantheon or the steps of the Piazza di Spagna. Choosing ancient Rome as an excursion is a fantastic way to take a quick tour and fall in love with each of its streets and monuments. Another option is to visit fewer places in more detail, such as an excursion inside the Colosseum.


6. Admire the paintings of the Sistine Chapel

Whether you are an art lover or attracted to the most Catholic part of Rome, the Vatican Museums leave no one indifferent. I recommend choosing them as an excursion if you have already visited the most classical Rome before. Looking up at the famous Sistine Chapel is quite an experience, but believe me, the rest of the Museums will impress you even more with their huge rooms, architectural details, and priceless masterpieces.


7. Get lost in the town center of Savona

If you stop in Savona, the first thing that will surprise you is how close the ship is to the city, since it literally enters it. Just after disembarking you can enjoy the city of Savona, its streets and take impressive photos of the ship from any angle. As a curiosity, in the same port there is also a small museum dedicated to the history of Apple. On the weekend, it is best to take advantage of the markets to take home some typical product of the region.


8. Meet the animals of the Acquario di Genova

Whether you stop in Genoa or Savona, the aquarium and the old port is a magnificent excursion to discover the marine life that hides below us when we sail. In the old port, the most remarkable landmark is the pirate galleon from the movie Pirates, which is docked and can be visited. During the visit to the aquarium, my favorites were the seals and the dolphins, both beautiful and friendly.

Do you already know what are you going to visit during your next cruise? In future posts, we will keep discovering every corner of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, you can follow my adventures on Instagram (@oggiabordo), on this blog, and YouTube.


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